Exercising is good for everyone, even for those who are over 60 years old. Keeping oneself physically active can help us maintain good heart health, regular levels of blood pressure, and a lot of physical benefits. However, most people’s problem is not the exercise itself, but on how to do it properly.

For people over 60 years old, their concerns usually involve questions that talk about the best types of exercises for people that belong to their age bracket. Experts answers these questions by suggesting a two-part exercise program that involves aerobic activities such as walking, and low-intensity weight lifting and resistance training for muscle gain and fat reduction.

Experts also add that people above 60 should also follow a strict amount of time for exercising so as not to strain themselves, and also to avoid further accidents. Exercising 2 hours and 30 minutes should make up for the amount of physical exercise that they need.

Below are some tips on how to jumpstart your exercise program.

Consult Your Doctor

If you haven’t consulted your doctor lately, it’s better if you get a physical exam before starting your exercise program to know your health status and to determine the best and most suitable exercise plan for yourself.

Go Slow

Begin your workouts with a warm-up, and start from a moderated pace. This way, you will be able to perform better in other exercises and can reduce further risks of muscle strain. It is also important to remember that take your time when warming up since it takes a bit longer to warm up.

Choose the Best Exercises

Among are the most appropriate exercise routines: aerobics, balance exercise, strength exercise. What’s important to take note is that when doing aerobics and strength exercises, it’s vital not to overdo it; this is to avoid putting yourself at risk. Activities such as jogging, light swimming, and others can also be among one of your exercise routines. If going out is not viable, you can still perform physical workouts by walking up and down to your stairs or even just walking around the area of your house.


Usually, people get discouraged or disheartened when they’re doing their exercise program. Even though it’s normal, you should always remind yourself that this should not also be the case for you. Give yourself some time and space to get used to it, and give yourself the results that you desire. Having a workout buddy might help you overcome this while keeping both of yourselves motivated.

Work Out Safely

To make sure that you are performing well and safely, it might be best if you try the following steps:

  1. The “Talking Test”: it is a test that checks if you are safely exercising. It is usually done and observed when you’re not gasping for air while having a conversation with another person, if so, then you’re doing it right.
  2. Soreness: Check if your sores exceed for more than 36-48 hours after a weightlifting session. If so, it might be best to take it down a notch and provide yourself some rest or even proper and expert care.

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