Running is one of the most preferred physical activities by many. It’s good for both body and soul and can also help increase your heart rate, burn those calories, and loosen fat. Below are the top 5 running tips to help you maximize weight loss.

  1. Kick up the intensity.

  • The more you do, the more you burn calories. But what if your schedule is so tight that you don’t have enough time for your daily fitness needs? Increasing your intensity can help sort this out. But first, take things slow. No need to rush things right away, picking up the pace slightly can help you burn more calories. Got a limited time to run? Try running faster than your usual speed to run even further.
  1. Don’t forget about intervals.

  • Ever heard of HIIT? High-Intensity Interval Training is one of the most popular running techniques mostly followed by athletes or novice fitness enthusiast alike. In this type of training, runners go full turbo of high-intensity sprints and alternating short intervals between runs. To try this out, try running in a moderate speed for 5 minutes, followed by a short 1-minute sprint and then slowly lower the pace as you continue to run. Repeat this during the duration of your run.
  1. Unto the hills.

  • There’s always a time to try something new. Rather than running on your usual treadmill or on the road, try hill running to add some intensity to your everyday runs. Hill running can help you improve your pace, it can also burn more fat and calories as it uses more muscles compared to road running.
  1. Careful with carbs.

  • Your calorie intake plays a big part on how well your body will perform during an activity and how much you’ll burn from it. Don’t each too much when you’re planning for a run. Consume less fatty and greasy foods before you put on your running shoes. You can take a small amount of protein and healthy carbs instead. It’s also advisable to run while empty sometimes. Studies show that running with an empty stomach usually before breakfast can help you burn more fat. But if you want to try this, it’s better to start in a shorter distance first.
  1. Spice it up.

  • Doing the same thing over and over again can be tiring. This also applies to physical activities such as running. You might get tired of the same old running routine every day that your body is going into a “plateau” mode. Once our bodies hit this stage, chances that we may stop running for a while which can be frustrating. Try to spice things up by changing your running routine. Explore new running routes, run on hills or try running to longer distances. This can help you break out of the plateau and can also help you burn more calories.

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