It’s not easy to do a vegan lifestyle especially for college students. Once we think about vegetables, our mind and stomach will have a hard time to agree with each other as there are plenty of meat alternatives out there. But with just a few tips and tricks, you might be able to achieve that vegan diet you’ve been wanting for so long. Here are 8 tips to keep you motivated on a vegan diet.

  1. Do some Research

Being vegan isn’t as easy as you think. You need to make sure that all the necessary facts on how to be vegan is with you all the time.

First, many may wonder why you started on a vegan diet in the first place. So it’s best to have these facts with you to back up your choice. You never know, you might convince and inspire these people to join your vegan decision too.

Second, it’s better to talk to your GP when you go on a vegan diet. Doing so will give you the specific nutrients that you need for your diet. We all know that not all foods contain all the essential nutrients. You may want to avoid getting fatigued and lower your performance because of low energy levels. These are some of the essential nutrients you need for that healthy vegan diet:

  • Omega 3. Good for your heart and can be found in soya or hemp seeds.
  • Vitamin C. Can help for iron absorption in your body. Found in fruits such as oranges and berries.
  • Vital for energy production, oxygen transfer and body immunity. Found in some vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, peas, prunes and others.
  • Vitamin B12. Important for brain functionality. Often found in animal products, but can also be found in some soy products if you want a meat alternative.
  • Good for the bones, nerves, and muscles. Usually found in beans, sesame seeds, and broccoli.
  1. Get Inspired

Having a vegan lifestyle is hard, especially when you’re in college, where there’ll be a lot of temptations just lying around. Being motivated is the key to help you stay in this lifestyle. Don’t just stick in one place, try to explore different ways to enjoy your vegan meals. You can find many different sites online to help you inspire and motivated on your vegan diet.

  1. Vegan Recipe Collection

Having a collection of DIY vegan recipes can help you in your vegan diet. Gone are the days where we think that vegan meals are boring and dull. With the right combination and ingredients for your DIY vegan meal, you’ll surely love how healthy and delicious the results will turn out. Start writing your own recipes and explore different kinds of methods and combinations depending on your liking.

  1. Connect with Each Other

Never take a direction alone. Always find someone that can join you in your journey. This also applies when you start to indulge in your vegan world. Connecting with one another especially with other vegans can help you be inspired and motivated in the long run. Don’t worry if you can’t a vegan buddy around campus, you can find a lot especially in social media sites. You can connect, inspire each other, and even share your own DIY recipes online.

  1. Always Have a Plan

Finding the right vegan meal is hard especially when you’re around campus. The cafeteria might not offer some foods that’s suitable for your vegan diet. Even at home or when you visit your friend’s house where they might be preparing something else rather than veggies. Therefore, having a plan with you is very important in times like this. Having a plan is essential as it can make you stay true to the path you’ve taken and can also help you stay organized with your time and finances.

  1. Snack Pack

Out with the old, in to the new. Say no more to those unhealthy snacks you’ve been having for years. Time to eat something healthy and new especially if you go vegan. Might get hungry at school? Always carry around your carrot sticks, fruits, seeds, energy bars, and among others. These kinds of snacks can help you keep your energy and sugar level balanced throughout the day.

  1. Smoothies

Making smoothies is one way to enjoy your favorite fruits and veggies. Off course, dairy is not an option when you go vegan. But there are plenty of alternatives that you can use in your smoothies such as spinach, okra, seitan, tempeh, kale, chard, quinoa, and more. These veggies are full of nutrients that’s vital for our body and can also improve our brain health and function.

  1. Time to Get a Mini Fridge

Now that you’re a full blown vegan, it’s time to get a mini fridge to store all those fresh fruits and veggies you have. Having your own mini fridge is essential especially if you’re a student. Sharing with your roommate is not advisable since maybe the both of you will fight for the space of the fridge.


Now you’re ready to go on your vegan journey by following these 8 tips we have prepared for you. Being vegan is actually pretty easy, staying true and motivated to your choice is the hard part. Start living a healthier lifestyle now!

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